Taal en communiceren

Arranging appointments

– Could I make an appointment to see Ingrid Lenting sometime this week?
– I need to make an appointment with Mr Wegman as soon as possible.
– I’m calling to arrange a time for our conference call with Alphen.
– I’ve just spoken to Marscha and apparently she can attend the meeting at ten o’clock.
– Hello J.R., Dew here. I just wanted to confirm our meeting tomorrow.
– Let’s meet in the restaurant at a quarter past one.
– Is one thirty OK for you?
– Let’s see, I’ve got another meeting at two thirty.
– Well, it won’t take more than an hour.

Asking about appointments
– Which day would be convenient for you?
– Which month would you prefer?
– How about next Friday or the following Monday?
– Are you free on Thursday?
– What about Wednesday instead?
– Would the morning suit you?
– Anytime next Wednesday sounds fine.
– I’m afraid I can’t manage Wednesday.
– So that’s Wednesday at ten o’clock.
– Wednesday at ten is confirmed.

Cancelling appointments
– I’m sorry but an urgent matter has come up at the very last moment.
– I’m sorry, but I haven’t been able to get in touch with you before.
– I’d like to cancel / put off / postpone our appointment.
– I am afraid I will not be able to keep the appointment I made for […].
– I’m afraid she can’t make ten o’clock on Wednesday.
– Would it be possible to put off the meeting to tomorrow?
– I’m afraid Mrs Vera Bot must change her appointment for the afternoon. Could we make another one?

– Can I ask you, how do I get to your offices?
– Could you please give me directions on how I get from the subway station to your offices?
– If you’re coming by underground (UK) / subway (USA), get off at […].
– I will e-mail you a map showing how to get to our facilities by car.
– We are located in the city centre (UK) / right downtown (USA).
– Our factory is on the outskirts of the city.
– If you’re coming by car, take the ‘Waalkade’ exit off the motorway.

‘Well, if I called the wrong number, then why did you answer the phone?’
James Thurber (1894 – 1961)

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