Telefoneren in het Engels: een boodschap achterlaten

Taal en communiceren

Je kunt wel eens met je mond vol tanden staan als je plots niet meer te binnen wil schieten hoe je in het Engels zegt dat je een boodschap wil achterlaten.

Put dan uit deze phrase bank.

Taking messages
May I take a message?
Would you like to leave a message?
You can leave a message if you want.
Can I get him to call you back?
Hold on please.
Could you wait a minute?
Let me just get a pen. Right, what’s the message?
May I take your name and number?
Right, Louise, I’ll make sure that she gets the message.
All right. I’ll leave that on her desk.
Fine, I’ll see that he gets that.

Asking to leave a message
I’d rather leave a message.
Could I leave a message for mister Brown, please?
Could you ask him to call me back? My number is …
Could you tell her that I will call back later, please?

Leaving specific messages
Could she e-mail the complete report to me by Monday?
Could you ask him to phone me on Tuesday morning?
Can he call me as soon as he gets in?
Please tell mister Romeo that Julia would like him to confirm before five o’clock tomorrow.
I need him to phone me as soon as possible. My name is ‘Baazje’, that’s B, double A for Amsterdam, Z*, J for John, E.

* De Z wordt in Brits-Engels uitgesproken als ‘zed’, in het Amerikaans als ‘zie’.

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