Afspraken maken in het Engels

Taal en communiceren

Bellen in het Engels makkelijk? Wie weleens over de grens belt, weet welke lastigheden er dan vaak kunnen spelen.

Onderstaande voorbeeldzinnen gaan over het maken van een afspraak en het afzeggen van een afspraak.

Arranging appointments
– Could I make an appointment to see Ingrid Lenting sometime this week?
– I need to make an appointment with Mr Wegman as soon as possible.
– I’m calling to arrange a time for our conference call with Alphen.
– I’ve just spoken to Marscha and apparently she can attend the meeting at ten o’clock.
– Hello J.R., Dew here. I just wanted to confirm our meeting tomorrow.
– Let’s meet in the restaurant at a quarter past one.
– Is one thirty OK for you?
– Let’s see, I’ve got another meeting at two thirty.
– Well, it won’t take more than an hour. 

Asking about appointments
– Which day would be convenient for you?
– Which month would you prefer?
– How about next Friday or the following Monday?
– Are you free on Thursday?
– What about Wednesday instead?
– Would the morning suit you?
– Anytime next Wednesday sounds fine.
– I’m afraid I can’t manage Wednesday.
– So that’s Wednesday at ten o’clock.
– Wednesday at ten is confirmed. 

Cancelling appointments
– I’m sorry but an urgent matter has come up at the very last moment.
– I’m sorry, but I haven’t been able to get in touch with you before.
– I’d like to cancel / put off / postpone our appointment.
– I am afraid I will not be able to keep the appointment I made for […].
– I’m afraid she can’t make ten o’clock on Wednesday.
– Would it be possible to put off the meeting to tomorrow?
– I’m afraid Mrs Lia van der Weij must change her appointment for the afternoon. Could we make another one? 

– Can I ask you, how do I get to your offices?
– Could you please give me directions on how I get from the subway station to your offices?
– If you’re coming by underground (UK) / subway (USA), get off at […].
– I will e-mail you a map showing how to get to our facilities by car.
– We are located in the city centre (UK) / right downtown (USA).
– Our factory is on the outskirts of the city.
– If you’re coming by car, take the ‘Waalkade’ exit off the motorway. 

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